English academy in Zaragoza

Yes Academy first opened its doors to the public in Zaragoza in 1990. Since then, many children belonging to a wide range of different generations have had the chance to attend class at our english school, and hundreds of people of all ages have achieved their academic goals; whether these were closely related to learning english for the sheer enjoyment of being able to communicate in a different language, or more career oriented.

We have taught english as an extra-curricular activity in many schools, and, furthermore, we have had the gratification of aiding primary school english teachers steer their professional career to success. We have organized study trips both for parents and young students to the UK and, last but not least, we were responsible for creating one of the very first english summer camps in Zaragoza.

The satisfaction that we get from teaching is immense, and that is why we work relentlessly at keeping ourselves up to speed with the latest teaching techniques and resources.  We are specialists in teaching english in Zaragoza.


Our facilities consist of the following:

10 classrooms, all of which are fully equipped, IT lab, staff room, students lounge, and a rather spacious outdoor-playground.


Our timetables are flexible. We offer a wide range of possibilities to suit your needs.

Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 10PM.
Saturdays from 9AM to 2PM.

Prices and offers

Special offers for classes in the morning. Discounts for large families and for those who already have siblings enrolled in a course at Yes.  Vouchers and packages with special discounts.

Our teachers

The key to excellence in teaching is being able to count on an experienced, passionate and qualified professional.

Our teachers are native-speakers and have college qualifications in teaching English as a foreign language.

Apart from said qualifications and their  proficient  level of English, we also take into account other  qualities which come in handy when it comes to making a class more fun and engaging, such as drama and music, as well as their will to do what they do best – their vocation.