English courses for adults in Zaragoza

Exclusive method based on oral comprehension and expression

Maximum of 9 students per class

Streamed by age and level

Native teachers

Dynamic and entertaining classes

The methodology we use is purely communicative. This means that priority will be given to two aspects: listening and speaking skills, paying special attention to pronunciation and intonation. Our main goal is to help students gain fluency and courage.

The fact that the groups are on the small side enables students to express whatever is in their minds freely, interacting amongst themselves in a spontaneous and fluent manner. We believe that our pupils ought to think and come up with individual conclusions. This way, grammatical structures are internalized and stay in their long-term memory.

We do all of this surrounded by a cosy, fun and dynamic atmosphere; we work in small groups, which enables the staff to get to know their students well, hence adapting their teaching style to their personal needs.

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