English courses for kids in Zaragoza

5 year olds to 12 year olds

Maximum of 9 students per class

Groups streamed by age and level

Grades and report cards sent to parents at the end of each trimester

Play area for fun activities

Experienced and professional teachers

Dynamic and engaging classes

At Yes we have made a thorough effort into understanding how children from all ages learn. This understanding has allowed us to come up with a methodology which is perfectly suited to the way they pick up new information.

Children are intuitive, receptive, and count on an excellent ability to identify and repeat sounds.  However, they are also easily distracted and lack the capability to think about grammatical constructions by means of an abstract approach. Our job, therefore, is to ensure that their interest is kept alive by using techniques that help them to fulfill their potential and stimulate their curiosity. We want our students to be the ones who want to learn more.  We can achieve that goal through movement, games, songs, sounds, role plays, etc.

We pay close attention to pronunciation, oral comprehension and communication.

By applying this method, children end up acknowledging that learning english is fun and an integrated part of their lives. They will easily achieve CEFR levels of A1 (4º of primary) and A2 (6º of primary), which will lead them to achieve C1 during their teenage years.

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