English courses for students in Zaragoza

For secondary students

Maximum of 9 students per class

Streamed by age and level

Grades and report cards sent to parents at the end of each trimester

At this age providing the students with content that will interest them is vital. Topics to do with grammar, syntax, vocabulary and the news are introduced in a way that will lead to creative discussions. We adore anything authentic and genuine, and we make a tremendous effort to stimulate logical thinking processes and creativity.

When it comes to reading comprehension, this is what we do: we hand out a text with questions about it to the students, they think about the answers individually, and, when they are finished, we allow them to share their answers with the rest of the class.  This sharing of opinions will open the floor to debate, encouraging students to put their English to good use.

In regards to writing skills: we help students to find the correct language, as well as teaching them how to put a text together in a neat and coherent way. Also, we guide them in developing a personal and professional overall style.

We do all of this surrounded by a cosy, fun and dynamic atmosphere; we work in small groups, which enables the staff to get to know their students well, hence adapting their teaching style to their personal needs.

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