EOI exams in Zaragoza

High percentage of passes (97% to 99%)

Highly qualified staff

Extra lessons on offer

Progress closely monitored

At Yes Academy we get our students ready for EOI exams with our own methodology, which has been tested and proven for a number of years. When it comes to EOI tests, we believe that assessing the level of english of our students with precision is key. With this test you will be able to know where you are on the road to the exam you wish to sit, which may correspond to one of the following levels:

Basic (A2)

Intermediate (B1)

Upper-intermediate (B2)

Advanced (C1)

We exclusively use official books and CDs. We prepare our students either via conventional classes, or by online classes. If need be, schooling support lessons are also on offer. We make use of technological devices, as these broaden the content available to the class and, furthermore, we give each student the chance to have a private class.  There, we go over their individual progress/follow up, offering personalized advice and observations on their progress.

With our specialized teachers we can help you pass whichever EOI exam, of course, within certain boundaries, which are established both according to the level of english the student has at the start of the course, and the duration of the course.

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