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At Yes we have designed a course for those who feel the need for extra lessons to get themselves ready to pass the PAU exam. The template of the class has been based on the model of the exam itself, which consists of the following: grammar exercises, an essay and two sections which have been added very recently: listening and speaking.

The latter, alongside the listening section, demands that the student is able to make use of the english language in a spontaneous manner. Therefore, the main aim of this course is to provide the student with the necessary tools for them to be fully capable of flourishing in a sociable and academic environment  using english at all times. Those enrolled in the course will acquire abilities such as backing an opinion up, maintaining a normal conversation, asking and answering questions, and much more.

Needless to say, this course also works on grammar and writing, despite the fact that, as we mentioned before, these two are taught throughout secondary school.

At the end of the course, the student will undoubtedly face PAU with assurance and confidence.

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